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  • Built to cover ALL online catering options!
  • We customize your website unique design to match with your brand
  • We provide a high level of on line marketing in your local area on all major search engine directories
  • Offer coupons to be used at checkout – a great way to gain new clients and monitor your marketing efforts
  • Catch up with the new market place and technology to keep your  business grow

Our Custom System is perfect solution for your private online orders and fully branded website!


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Multi Locations Pro

Set multiple locations with their own menus, prices and setting! Control all stores from one panel. The perfect system for a chain stores.

Responsive Design

Resty24 is fully responsive website that displays your content in a beautiful way on all devices for easy and fast navigation!

Technical Support

Whenever you struggle with anything regarding setting or design, just hit us on support page.



Make your name known with custom design while saving your customers for future promotions and marketing!

Boost Efficiency

Decrease the amount of time you spends taking orders over the phone, Make your customers happy by providing instant access to your on line menus


Resty24 is SEO ready, safe and secured! Our servers are fully PCI certified with firewall. SSL installed to encrypt all traffic between users and server.

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Our Goal Is:

Fight back against Expensive delivery apps. Over 1/3 of restaurants opened this year will not survive.

GrubHub and UberEats are just making the problem bigger, cutting your already small profits and keeping your customers data to themselves.

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No hidden future fees added!



1 Store Setup

All Options Included

Unlimited Orders monthly

Unlimited Users registrations


5 Gig of Storage

10 Email Boxes

Firewall and Security Updates

Daily Database Backup



5 Store Setup

All Options Included

Unlimited Orders monthly

Unlimited Users registrations


10 Gig of Storage

15 Email Boxes

Firewall and Security Updates

Daily Database Backup



10 Store Setup

All Options Included

Unlimited Orders monthly

Unlimited Users registrations


15 Gig of Storage

25 Email Boxes

Firewall and Security Updates

Daily Database Backup

Resty24 allow you to set as many popups action as you need! The popup can be triggered based on your setting and can be change at anytime.   popups-list   poup-edit  

The reports section of Resty24 system allows you to generate custom reports based on the date range and filters selected.You can also print and save reports as Excel or PDF file formats. Sales reports SettingSales report ListingCoupons Summery ReportCoupons Full…

In Alerts Setting you can define the store frontend default messages for 4 different scenarios as location or store closed or not allowed, and same for the menu or item got blocked. Alerts Setting

In Stores(s) Address setting page you can set all data and information for the frontend section of the system.If your system have multiple locations, you will have all setting per location! That will allow a chain to set payment gateway…

Revolutionize your catering business with our cutting-edge online catering orders software. Seamlessly streamline your operations, our intuitive platform enables customers to effortlessly place orders, customize menus, and specify dietary preferences, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience. With real-time orders and…

Sometimes after order was placed, users may call to make changes. You can change any items quantity, items prices, add any existing items or even add a none inventory dummy item! Even options can me modify if need to.

For stores who have multi locations - All items can be set once and used on all stores! You can assign to only one store, selected ones or on all. You can set each item and store price individually!

Items can be added from the main listing page that hold all items in the store or from the specific menu section directly.From listing you can Add, Edit, Delete, Set hours, Options and assign to stores. As in any other sections…

The site blog section have all functions as any WordPress Blog and we can custom design the frontend blog pages layout as per your requirements!

Need to add custom form to your site? Set a survey? No problems. You can create unlimited forums with any type of setting to cover any type from basic to complex multi pages form with special conditions. All form submissions…

Galleries are great way to display your store or events, special visitors or anything else. You can add as many galleries and set them as images or videos with the best layout you like.

Show your visitors love! A great way to promote your store and build confidence in your food brand, fair prices and quality of services. You can allow users submit their review and approve it to go live.   Testimonials List…

FAQ (Questions and Answers) page is a great way to answer users common questions and save them and yourself time emailing or calling. Add as many as you need to, it's very helpful and recommended way to cover even site…

With full CMS options, one of the basic one is the ability to manage your site main pages. You can add, Edit and delete any content pages of your site at any time.

The Fax API setting will allow you connect your site to service.When turned on, any order placed on the site will automatically sent to your fax machine above other notifications set. That is very helpful as the restaurant cashier will…

The system allow you to set as many delivery zones you need to. Each zone map get drawn  online and can set the delivery fees per order type. These zones will force the fee on checkout and will validate user address…

The email templates will give you the ability to change the text and looks and feel of the email users automatically get when any action preformed in system.You can use many system short codes to display the correct dynamic data…

Have corporate accounts that need to be paying you monthly?? No problems.Resty24 system allows to set any user with open terms account that will give him to checkout without any payments.The system will keep track on all his purchases and…

As store owner you can pre set the tip amount users have at checkout as default.There are 4 preset values user can select and these setting are per TYPE of order so can be have different setting for catering, regular…

You can add all dishes ingredients once and assign them to any of your stores location. When setting items and options, you will be able use any assigned ingredients to build your dishes. If you run out of any ingredients, you can…

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