Catering Orders

Catering Orders

Revolutionize your catering business with our cutting-edge online catering orders software.

Seamlessly streamline your operations, our intuitive platform enables customers to effortlessly place orders, customize menus, and specify dietary preferences, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience. With real-time orders and instant notifications, your team stays in control, managing orders efficiently.

Our software facilitates easy menu management, allowing you to update offerings, set pricing, set calendar days and hours and offer customers easy and fast process.

Embrace the future of catering management with our user-friendly, feature-rich software that enhances customer satisfaction and boosts your business’s overall efficiency.

  • When user checkout for catering, he will be required to select the date and time to be delivered or picked up.
  • If delivery allowed, the system will validate zone based on setting and add the correct fee per zone allowed
  • Store admin can set the system opening hours and if to allow double booking or not, review taken date/time slots, approve and disapprove as needed.
  • You can also run batch update on all days if need to! Each day opening hours can be set as many time slots required.