Features and Functionalities

Did you know how much % of food orders are made on mobile you lose?

Save up to 40% on your online orders and build your own brand and customers base!

Site and Stores setting

Set all global parameters for your site, stores location, contact info, opening hours and orders checkout limitations. Delivery Zones and states setting allows to set restrictions of delivery and catering areas and delivery fee per zone and order type. Set Specials, Pickup times and PDF menus, for catering: Cutlery, Chafers and Fuel and Shopping Bags fees setting and many more

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Checkout and Payments

Manage all checkout payments options for Credit Cards payments gateways and add-on processing fee, PayPal payments and users Open Terms account. Plus: Tips setting, Coupons setting and all notifications setting to users and store admin by Email, Fax or SMS.

Bypass extra 20-35% fees by owning your own private payments methods!

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Site Content Management

All the CMS functions to allow you manage 24/7 your site pages, FAQ, Users Testimonials, Images and videos galleries, Online Forms, Banners system and blog posts. A visual HTML Page Builder is available for setting rich content without any HTML knowledge. What you see is what you get.

Take full control on your website 24/7

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Items and Ingredients setting

Robust management system for Items, Ingredients  and options. Unlimited options with sizes and restricted setting for any frontend requirements and order type! Control the days and hours slots, restricted time, and many more. Take control of your menus, items and pricing.

No programming knowledge required to create a professional online menus!

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Menus and Menus Sections Setting

Manage all menus and menus sections per store with all required setting. System easily allows quick assign items, disable menus, set time slots, allowed orders type and clone. Change the sorting of menus and items easily with drag and drop option for fast visual output of your menus.

A robust and fast management that will save you time!

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Orders Management and Processing

Resty24 allows manage all orders by type per store selected. Process and manage orders with option to change anything before finalized and close. Orders can be modified for all fields including catering day and hours and you can add or delete items at anytime before finalizing. View sales reports across the site or per store.

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