You can increase sales by as much as 40% or more!

Resty24 software provides your restaurant with an outstanding simple, private, convenient online ordering solution.

Our Restaurant Online Ordering System provides your customers with anytime/anywhere access to your menu at their convenience. Give your clients what they looking for and don’t lose them to your competitors.

Boost Efficiency

  • Decrease the amount of time you spends taking orders over the phone
  • Decrease the time it takes your customers to place an order
  • Eliminate miscommunication – your customers controls the order process from start to end
  • Make your customers happy by providing instant access to your on line menus

Increase Your Bottom Line Sales

  • Increase sales to the rapidly growing smart phones and internet savvy crowd
  • Provide your customers fast and easy access to your menus and services
  • Collect customer information and send promotional information based on their past orders.
  • Stop paying percentage to 3rd party service as!

Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Provide customers an easy reorder of previous order with one click
  • Provide customers to save any item to their favorites list for fast order without searching
  • Provide customers to plan ahead by placing orders for future dates(Great for catering)
  • Provide efficient and positive order experience that translated to loyalty customers that will recommend your service to their friends

Build Your Brand and Increase Your Restaurant Exposure

  • We will customize the look and feel of your web site to match with your brand
  • We can provide a high level of on line marketing in your local area on all major search engine directories
  • Offer coupons to be used at checkout – a great way to monitor your marketing efforts
  • Catch up with the new market place and technology to keep your business grow